— How to — ■Support Aid from eBay’ successful bids on paintings/drawings of children living in Iraq & Syria refugee camps
※In order to participate in the auction and have a successful bid, you need to first register to e-bay and paypal
※The account registration processes are here:
■Direct Support (in preparation)e:
※You can support by clicking the following Donation button ($1.00~)
※For bank transfer, please refer to the following account:
■Support by purchasing official goods (in preparation)
※Purchasing products on the shop’s page as support.

Account Registration Process
1- Registration to eBay ※Email address and telephone number are required Open the registration page and start from the top:
・Email address (required to login into eBay after registration)
・Email address re-entering (Enter the same email address as above)
・Password 6~64 characters(Numbers and symbols !@#$%^*-_+= must contain at least 1 character)
・First name & Surname
・Telephone number (Click on the flag on the left of the phone number column and select Japan; then, enter the numbers without the first zero [0] and the hyphen [-])
After entering all information, please click “Register” on the bottom
The registration to eBay is completed.

2.Registration to Paypal
1)Open the registration page, select “your personal account” and click “Continue”
2)From the top:
・Country name
・Email address(Required for login in order to make a Paypal payment)
・Password 8~20 characters (Numbers and Symbols !@#$%^ must contain at least 1 letter and, capital and lower case letters)
・Password re-entering (Enter the same password as above)
Please click “Continue” after entering all information
3)On the next page
From the top:
・First name
・Date of birth (Year/Month/Date)
・Postcode, prefecture, municipality, street address, building name (*optional), Room/Apartment/House information
・Telephone number (Enter the numbers without the first zero [0] and the hyphen [-] )
Please enter the agreement checkbox of “Terms & Conditions”
After entering all information, please click “Agree and create an account”
4)Please enter your credit card information, then click “Register card”
5)As the screen will change, please click “Move to my account” on the right side
When clicking “Confirmation mail address” in the upper menu, you will be transferred to the mail transmission screen; please click “Send mail”
6)An email from Paypal will be sent to the email address you entered earlier; please click on the link in the email. The browser will open and, a page is displayed; please click “Confirm email address”
The registration of PayPal is completed.


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