Direct assistance to the refugee camps in Iraq and Syria

Currently, refugee camps in Iraq and Syria are in financial straits. Unable to study freely, children living in the camps suffer from a stressful and crippling lifestyle. This auction website was established in order to allow people to have a look on pictures drawn by those children in their existing conditions so everyone would understand those conditions from each of the children’s perspectives. At the same time, we also seek the support and cooperation of people all over the world. Earnings from successful bids they have been drawn.

1.Self-independence Support
As self-independence support, the refugees and evacuees living in the camps have been forced to live an inconvenient life until the conflict resolution. They have been supervised and permitted to only live in the camp; thus, they have no dream. However, if they can work in the camps and feed themselves, the support from governments and United Nations would decrease while being self-independent.

2.Why thinking about refugees support self-independence Business Model?
For refugees' self-independence in the camps, business' creation/implementation is very important. However, any business model needs funds/capital. Previously, there was a micro financial support loan from the international organizations such as UN which failed because of the loan reimbursement; this is what happening with developing countries but, while securing revenues and sales, refugees would no longer need any loan.

3.Self-independence auction
1) First, the children living in the camps draw pictures expressing their thoughts and feelings. Obviously we provide them color materials and drawing papers. Our association will then purchase all the completed paintings. Also, those who lost their family could draw the scene. In addition, those with dreams could also express them; then, the children could get some little money from their artwork.
2) Our association will purchase all the paintings as copyright, and show the feelings and dreams hurting the children in refugee camps to the world through the auction.
3) One portion of the profit obtained through selling the drawings via our auction will return directly to the camps where the children have drawn the pictures; and the other portion will be used as investment for a business model. However, as for the first portion, a part of it would also be used to finance other refugee camps

4.Plan A: Baked bread unit
A Sweden NGO refugees support buy the baked bread making units and assure the self-sufficiency. The profit obtained through the auction will be invested into the NGO. Then, new bread making units could be purchased, but this time, not devoted to the self-sufficiency. The baked breads will be sold to the local supermarkets and the profit from the revenues will be used to buy other bread making units. From this, the bread making, sales, and distribution/logistic business model would be implemented, and buying the bread sold at the supermarkets would be refugees’ self-assistance.

5. Plan B: Seedling houses
Government to provide the construction of seedling houses growth-vegetables in the refugees’ camp’s farmlands. The harvest of the crops would also be sold in the supermarkets. Agriculture, production, sales, and distribution business model would be implemented. The Kurdish government still relies on the vegetables import. It would contribute to the domestic supply and there will be job creation opportunities.

6.As preliminary result there will only be a small business but, if successful, also private companies could invest, and crowdfunding would also be expected. From small capital, some business models could be implemented. Finally, some of the sold drawings/pictures could be exhibited in other areas/localities by the purchasers, and the collection of additional donation could be expected. The above-mentioned is the refugees’ assistance support auction’s structure.

Objectives of the Iraq-Syria Refugees Support Japan Mini-soccer Cup
1. Carry out the refugees’ assistance beyond race, religion, and national borders through soccer,
2. Expand the mini-soccer tournament in the world for the unity of different nations and intercultural exchanges,
3. The revenue fund from the mini-soccer tournament will be directly used for the refugees’ camps and the NGO’s supporting them. For example, the NGO which provides the baked bread combustors in the camps would expand their activities; and there will be employment creation for refugees through logistics and sales; - thus, people could help the refugees by buying breads. It can be self-reliance of all refugees and revenues for the evacuees.
As for the retrieval of Mosul, the refugees will flee to Kurdistan instead of Europa countries for their better life.

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